How has the WSVMA been of value to you?

"I have access to good CE, a voice in the state legislature lobbying for issues that concern our profession, access to resources on dealing with the media, timely notices and updates on recent changes or issues that may affect my practice, to name a few." - Robert E. Holt, DVM

"The most recent change for the relief vet bank to be offered at no charge for members has been extremely helpful as I just started providing relief veterinary services this year. I also like the fact that there are people who are representing my interests in the local government. Since I don’t have a desire to participate personally, I appreciate it when others have the skills and interests to do it on my behalf. Someday, if I am the owner of a practice, I’m sure I’ll enjoy the discounts from the vendors." - Judy Hung, VMD

"I’ve utilized the business partnerships that have been offered and rely on the WSVMA as a legislative advocate both on the state and local level. I also appreciate the newsletter to understand what other local associations are doing and have used the classifieds to attract new associates." - Brian D. Hunter, DVM

"Clinical practice can be an isolated job – both WSVMA and SKCVMA help enlarge my scope and keep me up-to-date on important local developments." - Melinda S. Cumming, DVM

"Kulshan Veterinary Hospital has been actively involved with the WSVMA since our inception; all of our veterinarians are members. We have benefited from the CE, the political outreach and veterinary support groups." - Michael J. Anderson, DVM 

"The people I’ve met through the WSVMA have been the biggest asset. I feel I have joined a large family that extends across the state and throughout the nation. Everyone is so supportive and welcoming. It is wonderful to know that I have so many people I can turn to for help or advice in the profession." - Emily Pieracci, Veterinary Student

"I feel connected to other veterinarians around the state and have found many friends that way. I can keep updated on issues important to the veterinary community." - Sandi Cok, DVM

"It keeps a geographically isolated veterinarian like me part of the veterinary community. I love our profession and am very proud to be a part of it. WSVMA supports that love." - Anton Rogstad, DVM

"Contacts and networking perhaps appeal to me the most. The CE is particularly valuable, as well as the relationships established at meetings with colleagues, drug company representatives, recent graduates, and specialists. I am particularly grateful for Charlie Powell, for his communications expertise (and his wicked sense of humor), and Greg Hanon for his legislative advocacy which helps to safeguard our clients as well as help us uphold the highest professional standards. Also, I am extraordinarily thankful for the wonderful WSVMA staff who do all the truly difficult work that most of us never even imagine requires attention. I have enjoyed visiting with our state legislators. They do care about veterinary medicine, what we do, and seem dedicated to helping the profession. In short, WSVMA helps me keep me at the top of my game in all areas of the profession, not just the daily physical practice. I am secure in knowing that my professional interests are under the stewardship of such a fine group of people." - Carrie La Jeunesse, DVM 

"I fully intend to join the state VMA of whatever state I decide to live in when I get done with school. My experience with the WSVMA thus far has taught me why organized veterinary medicine is so important. It gives all veterinarians a common voice so that we can influence law makers, the public, and even each other. It’s also nice to be part of a family that provides continuing education, information about what’s going on in the state, and opportunities for leadership." - Lisa Otto, Veterinary Student 

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